Logo Design

Having a customized logo will become a very valuable asset to your business. It will often make the first impression and provide your customers with insight about who you are and what you're offering. It must be memorable and connect with your target audience, but also set you apart from others in your field.

Working together we create logos that are conceptual, unique, and personal, allowing you to connect visually with your audience, reflect the quality of your business and creatively position yourself in the marketplace.


The Logo Design Process

Meeting and   Project Brief

If you are just starting out or already established, the logo process begins with an introduction of your company. Based on what you are looking for a project brief will be created to outline the scope of the design process. 

Research and    Concept Generation

Research is used to gather the proper insight to communicate effectively to your target audience. From that research, concepts are created leading to a logo that will generate success for your business.

Created Designs   Presented and Edited

You will be presented with different designs based on the concepts generated. Once a design has been chosen it will be refined and any necessary edits will take place. 

Creation of Final   Deliverable    Logo Files

 Once the final design is edited and complete, you will be provided with all of the files necessary to start implementing your logo in the various places it was designed to fit.